Barbara Koremenos no IRI-USP


No dia 28 de maio, entre as 17:30 e 19:00, Barbara Koremenos, da Universidade de Michigan, proferirá palestra intitulada The Continent of International Law: A Continent Far Richer than Intergovernmental Organizations. O evento ocorrerá na Sala da Congregação do Instituto de Relações Internacionais da Universidade de São Paulo, com participação aberta ao público e sem necessidade de inscrição prévia. A autora planeja publicar livro sobre o mesmo tema ainda este ano.

A biografia de Barbara segundo o site institucional da Universidade de Michigan:

Barbara Koremenos was born in Indiana (the diverse and urban Northwest part of the state), went to Kalamazoo College in Michigan, and graduate school at the University of Chicago.  She therefore is a Midwesterner at heart and only lasted seven years in Southern California.  

She went through college on a theater scholarship for acting.  She also took a bunch of economics classes because she felt that she would learn things to help her run the family kitchen and bath business.  Midway through college, her brother-in-law took over the business but, by that time, she liked economics even though it taught her nothing about kitchen and baths.  Her senior year, she was offered a research assistantship at the Brookings Institution.  She immediately found out what Brookings was.  It was there she was first introduced to theories of political economy and heavy-duty politics. 

She now draws on her economics background and her interest in politics and goes around arguing that international agreements and institutions are consequential and their specific design features are, in great part, what make them stable and hence consequential.  She uses economic methodology to show that their features vary in systematic and important ways and are deserving of focused research.  Like scholars in international law, she takes seriously the actual provisions and details of international agreements and organizations.  However, she goes beyond the descriptive work that characterizes much of international law to show theoretically that the careful choice of these provisions makes international cooperation both more likely and more robust.    

She is the second political scientist ever to receive the National Science Foundation CAREER Award for her project – and the first in IR.  She has publications in the American Political Science ReviewInternational Organization(including a special issue), Journal of Legal Studies, and Rationality and Society. She is delighted to be here at Michigan.



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